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April 13, 2010

all d best

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selamat meng-ambek practical exam kawan2~


May 4, 2009

Day One in St. Petersburg

It was long since we planned to go somewhere together, however often failed. But this time was different, at least 5 of us went to St. Petersburg together leaving uncle, paliki and KK here.

It was a fine Thursday evening when we packed up the bags and headed to the train station. We could have reached there and stopped at McDonalds for a late lunch earlier if the 2 interracial couple didn’t come late! )))))
Anyways we still stopped at the McDonalds to get dinner for the long travel on the railway for 15 hours.

Staying overnight on train was no fun, confined, but it’s somehow comfortable to sleep. We chatted so much in the train and laughed until one lady came over to ask us to keep the noise down. Luckily Nantha brought cards as planned for some rounds of Blackjack and “Bluff”.

I’m no good and have no luck in cards. For the Bluff game (who knows what and how does it call), the one with most cards at the end of the game loses. The aim is to trick the opponents with the cards which are wrong. If one didn’t believe, he could flip over the cards to reveal whether the player was lying or not. If the player’s not lying, the one who flipped over the cards take them all. If the player’s lying, he should take all the cards.

So my aim was to bluff as many times as possible, and not flipping over. I still ended up losing many times. So what? I was trying to stay in the game!

After everyone was tired except Efenem, we all went to sleep leaving him alone sleeping with much disappointment.

So within some 15 hours of railway ride, we finally arrived. Met up with Denis who offered to be our tour guide for the trip.

Then he brought us “WALKING” from the railway station till our “I-wish-you-good-luck-to-find” hostel called “Fireplace”. So why did I wrote in inverted commas?

“WALKING” – We hate walking under the hot sun, and Denis’ 5 minutes of walk was actually our 15 minutes of walk.

“I-wish-you-good-luck-to-find” – Because there’s no sign about this hostel and the apartment has as many as 10 entrances.

“Fireplace” – I don’t know why, that’s why it’s in inverted commas.

After checking in the hostel, we went for a hungry brunch. Below was Efenem’s serving.

After that, Denis brought us for a boat trip. He said “Boat TRIPPING”, I thought it was “Boating trip”, then I asked Ieja and she said “just ‘GET A BOAT TRIP’ la!”

Anyway the boat trip was on Fontanka River. We passed through a few of the 15 bridges along the Fontanka River, then to another canal. By the way, in the whole St. Petersburg, there are 342 bridges known. Don’t believe me? Click on this link.

Boat TRIPPING was fun but cold as the boat moved along the canal, luckily I brought gloves and scarf like a bitch. And lucky for those who didn’t bring, there were blankets over the benches on the boat, so they could snug into the blankets.

The one in white was wacky but friendly enough to say hi, they’re hot!

Under the widest bridge, the Blue Bridge on Moyka river
Trying to reach the top of the lowest bridge amongst, but unfortunately my height was 😦

Funny enough to see such a name for a Cafe – it serves CUM? LOL it’s actually pronounced as “Sim-Sim” in Russian.

After an hour of TRIPPING, we headed towards the Kazan Cathedral. It’s so big that I had to stitch them up with 3 fragments. It’s peaceful inside like any other cathedrals. And I was trying to impress Efenem that I like the dome of the Cathedral because I was there for the second time. He wasn’t impressed and he claimed to prefer the one of Hagia Sofia better :(. I’m not gonna tell how does it look like inside, you gotta see it for yourself, teeeheee~

“Tell me fast, or I’ll shove this up into ur ass!”
“Oh right you bitch, bring it on!!”
Okay la, a spoiler for you guys. Inside was as dark as Nantha’s complexion, teehee~

After that we crossed over the main street in St. Petersburg, Nevskiy Prospekt, to the famous “Храм Спаса на Крови” (Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood).

It sounds spooky, but it was named after the Tsar Alexander II, who was mortally wounded (I called that assasination). Then the son, Tsar Alexander III built this as a memorial upon the death of his father. It resembles the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow just that it’s smaller but I say much more beautiful.

My postcard kinda shot

Bear cub, Masha who’s only 4 months old but wildly tamed.
We’re all hyped up…..Weeeeeee~~~~~

My solo jump….Weeeeee~~~

The last one…..Weeee~~~
Hummers were infested in St. Petersburg, and the limos.

Lots of weddings going on.

Then we walked along the Griboedov Canal till the Hermitage and the Winter Palace. We didn’t go in because it was 5.30pm.

We went to the Neva River bank to shoot some pictures. So we shot some “modelling” pictures on the river bank. Me, Rose and Denis shot with my shades on.

These were pretty much what we saw during the first day in St. Petersburg. I didn’t find it boring seeing the same thing though it was my second time there, probably because I got no opportunity to see such things as the “Europeanized” part of Russia after my graduation.

St. Petersburg is the Europe of Russia, even Moscow wasn’t that impressive. The people were friendly. I just love this place.

Like what I’ve summed up :
Kaliningrad is the Russia in Europe,
while St. Petersburg is the Europe in Russia.

Efenem said : This is not Russia!

What more, St. Petersburg was labelled as the “Venice Of the North”.

You gotta see it to believe it!!!

Highly recommended place to travel

Rating : ★★★★★


March 10, 2009

im standing on my feet again!

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today i will start going back to the class after long week holiday (made up on my own). that was long time holiday with a lot of misses… i missed 4 trauma classes n int med zachot… kinda puzzling me how to cope up with it after this but i think i’ll manage it somehow… (^^)v

January 12, 2009

happy ngengeday, fa-nyu!

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to twisted EFENEM, you are officially one year older today…let’s see…what is there to tell about this 1/8 of 531A?

Nickname : FNM = Faiz Najmi Mansor (mozhni prosta Nadzhmi..da da..nadzhmite pozhalusta!)

Gender : errrr…

DOB : 13th January 19__

interests : tharawak, bleach, GG, 50GB, FOOD, food, food, neologithm, laugh-til-u-are-apnoeic, arm-pit hair, thcandals, blogging, abbreviations & short forms, new toys, etc

for more info, wait for up coming comments from other 531A members~

happy birTHday faiz!

December 22, 2008

double KK celebration ~

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December 21st is different this year..coz it’s the birthday of 2 group members : Ka Keat and Kok King.the 2 KKs are 3 years apart : K.Keat, 25 and K.King, 22. Celeb info :

Venue : Ali Baba Restaurant, Belinskovo Street

Time :  1.30 pm (after Hemato zachot)

Day, Date : Monday, 22 Dec 2008

It’s been quite some time since we really dine out.  So we really took our time selecting from the menu, looking for smth that might be mouth watering enough..the price of the food is quite standard. Qualitywise, the food in another Uzbek restaurant near rechnoi vokzal is better.Anyway, all of us ordered different dishes..both the birthday boys had Manti (dumplings), some ordered Soups, different salads, Strudels, Cheesecake, Plov, Fishies, tea..nantha is still vegetarian til end of Dec..kesian him..hehe.. he only had cheesecake, cappuccino and fries..K.Kaet brought along his Nikon camera and the whole time we were in the restaurant, his camera kept clicking..afterall, people and food are his favorite subjects when it comes to photography. Kok King got a cap and muffler as his birthday present, while Ka Keat received a cap and half-gloves..mm…munching+ chatting + cam-whoring is definitely smth our group enjoy.. A  LOT~! after everyone cleaned their plates and bowls, Kok King asked for the cheque.and we spent around 15 mins calculating and recalculating the money collected for the payment..hehe..medic students.. (^_^)  today has been a day well spent so far…


may the both of u be blessed with good health, success and happiness always…

December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday (21st December 2008)

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Tan Ka Keat (25 years old)

Chia Kok King (22 years old)


Sekian. Ngenge.

November 13, 2008

Si baju ungu

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Cerita ini tiada kaitan dengan yang masih hidup ataupun yang telah mati… Well, maybe ada kaitan dengan yang masih hidup 🙂


Pada suatu hari, sekumpulan tujuh pelajar perubatan membontoti guru mereka di wad pesakit mental. Sedang mereka menikmati keindahan wad itu, ada seorang kakak yang amat menarik perhatian. Kakak itu mukanya pucat, rambutnya serabai, mulutnya comot dengan makanan, perjalanannya terhoyong-hayang dan bajunya ungu.

Not this one


October 31, 2008

Sorry 4 being a jerk >.<

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this morning me, nantha a.k.a “b”(nantha u know this b stand for wat aight :D) n kok king went to the trauma class together. the mood was very pleasant and 3 of us having conversations and laugh like we always did before. then after we arrive at trauma department 1 by 1 our groupmate came except ka keat<—- he got the zachet already… zzzz… he better than me lo… i was absent for 2 days already… he he… hrm… get back to the story. erm all of my groupmate went to the OT to watch the skin grafting procedure… ewww… gross 1… ha ha… sound ku[ab only… lol nvm… then we went to the stolovaya to grab something to eat n i ate 2 no-taste salad inside the stalo… dem typical “dish” of russian people… i kinda sick of it already… gezzz… wat to do very hungry lor… then we headed back to the class n the teacher came… then the story begin… i tot that the thing that occured was very funny n keep laughing… but i dunno that the same thing that i laughed at hurt someone very bad… i’m very2 sorry for being such a jerk… this blog i wrote to apologize especially and as a reminder 4 me not re’jerk’ing myself 1 more time in the future… i hope so<— cross finger  (^.^)v


October 30, 2008

another subject picisan? traumatology ~

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after 2 days of traumatology cycle, it seems that we used most of our time in the class playing BINGO and battleship, got busted by the MMC and embassy gang, played more BINGO, watched videos on war medicine and managing patient with cardiac arrest..not sure how much we’ll learn from this subject..from the name, it sounds like a cycle where we get to see some interesting, fresh injuries and how to manage them..but so far, nothing fascinating has popped out..maybe it’s just a cycle that has been fitted into our schedule so we have no free time to just relax in the room and snooze all day..i hope the cycle would be more interesting after this..so far, what i found was interesting was when i saw the twin sister of our previous Neurology Professor (Vera Naumovna) on the board in the Traumatology Department. Her twin sister’s name is Anna Naumovna.. (^_^) after like 2 hours of waiting,the skin graft procedure that kok king and i were supposed to watch today was somehow not done/re-scheduled or smth..dunno what’s it gona be like tmrw..we’ll just have to wait and see ~

October 28, 2008

Our diaries!

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After 2 weeks of hustle and bustle for our opthalmology cycle, We managed to pass our exam today! Ah…Wat a relief, hehe, after 2 weeks for the preparation, and our poor Nantha who missed his Deepavali celebration yesterday, we made it finally. All 7 of us, except Ka Keat, ‘Hey, y u din come for the exam today ler?’ ‘ Puas kami tunggu u’, Anyway, I’m here wish u good luck ya for ur coming exam.

We learned a lot from this cycle, especially eyes diseases and also lots of new terms that we never heard before…And also special thanks to our lecturer and our teacher, Natalia Yulievna, we ended up our cycle without saying a good bye to her because she was busy with an operation today while we were doing our exam.

And here are some moments to share…from Group A


The lenses that we used to test patient visual acuity, we have here the lenses with+ve Diopters, with -ve Diopters and also lenses for astigmatism. We did all the test in a ‘Dark Room’.

Measurement for the projection of the eyes.

This is our ‘white mouse’ for the 1st day, our Kumar, Prince of the Garden! In order to check the eye structures, we need to dilate the pupil. Thx to our very best photographer, Kok King, and u can see that his pupils dilated.

Slit lamp, a binocular with a light source, use to check patient’s anterior chamber of the eyes.

Our ‘professional’ opthalmologist, Ka Keat checking the visual field of Kumar.

Our beauty, aiming Kok King’s eye, looking for the retina image in indirect way. Assisted by Ieja and Ka Keat…

 Our ‘bresident’ looking King’s eye with direct opthalmoscope!!!

And the one we never missed, photo taking session!

The suture, for the eye microsurgery

And the intraocular lenses…for the replacement of the natural human lens, we were lucky bcoz we managed to see all, but for the future ones who going for the cycle, I cannot guarantee that u will see all of them, coz we lost 1 lens and broke 1 lens, hehe…

The end, for the opthalmo cycle, looking forward for the new cycle tmr, traumatology…

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